About the artist:

I remember throughout my childhood, while going to carshows with my family, being facinated with pinstripers and all of the cool designs they made.  At a very early age (around 9 years old or so) I took an old sword brush out of my dads toolbox to see what I could do.  Although it looked very easy watching all of those other guys do it, I quickly learned that it was an art that did not come all that easily.  I gave up rather quickly.  With my dad owning his own streetrod shop, I was constantly intrigued with painting/graphics and striping.  I could not leave the fact alone that I thought I could pinstripe if these other guys could too.  So I tried and tried again and watched stripers do their thing and took mental notes.  Most of what I learned was from trial and error.  Sometimes I would get advice (which I was very greatful for) and practiced on anything I could get my hands onto.  I think my dad saw something in me as he kept pushing me forward and was always supportive.  At the age of 15, I was striping cars.  I painted my first full paintjob for a school friend of mine when I was 17.  I have to say, it came out beautiful.  After I finished my schooling, I worked in a bodyshop and 3 years later, I was put into management overlooking the shop.  I continued to work with my dad, doing all of the painting and art work on the cars he built.  If it was not for him, this talent provided to me would not have been unleashed.  I now no longer work in a bodyshop for a profession, but I stripe all I can and continue to work in my own shop, doing complete rods, customs, bikes, or anything inbetween.